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Pretty Rich

Sep 29, 2020

Being booked for months as a PMU or beauty artist is a totally awesome thing right? Unfortunately, it's not! In this podcast episode, I break down why being fully booked can actually hurt your business and hold you back from your highest potential growth and sales. And don't worry! I'll give you tips on how to fight...

Sep 20, 2020

I'm here to put an unapologetic assault on whatever is keeping you broke! If you wanna be a millionaire, you will absolutely be one! Now you may be like, hold up... that message is way too simplistic I'm sure Sheila Bella you didn't mean it to be that black and white. 

Wrong. I did.

It's that black and white for me and...

Sep 5, 2020

Not having a mentor or a business  is like my five year old doing his kindergarten homework, but there’s no teacher!!! He thinks he’s doing a great job. But there’s no one there to show him how or check his work!!!

When you’re business by yourself, and you’re making decisions for your business by yourself,...