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Pretty Rich

May 30, 2022

Are you struggling to fill up your training classes? Do you keep getting students with unrealistic
expectations that make you want to pull your hair out?
In this episode, Sheila covers the 4 tips that will fill up your classes with high-quality ready
to learn students and the biggest mistake trainers make when sharing...

May 25, 2022

If you the type of becomes introverted or nervous in room full of high energetic, smart, talented people, there is a way for you to still network and succeed at live events and conferences. Check out the tips Sheila Bella and todays guest speaker, Lindsey Schwartz, who mission is to empower women! 


May 23, 2022

This episode is dedicated to all of the women in the PMU industry who are afraid of social media. The age of TV, radio, print ads are through. If you wanna make bank in the beauty industry, check out why social media is the #1 way to market today!

May 18, 2022

In this episode, Mary Harcourt interviews Sheila Bella on how  she turned her darkest hour during the pandemic, from closing her PMU salon to canceling her first 400 person live event, into her second seven figure online coaching business. Tune in if you want to get inspired and learn on how to take action in...

May 10, 2022

If you’re the type of person who who tells themselves, “I really wish I could start my own business, or start my own podcast,” but you stop yourself before you even try because your biggest fear is failure. Then check out this episode with Sheila Bella and motivational speaker, Kacia Fitzgerald, to put a fire...